Charlotte Maxeke Medical Research Cluster

Charlotte Maxeke Medical Research Cluster

Health Technology Assessment

Health Technology Assessment entails the systematic evaluation of the properties and effects of a health technology and thus an effective tool for providing high quality information on costs and effectiveness and impact of the technology in the health care system and thereby improved decision making through translational research.


The aim of the CmeRC HTA Unit is to provide comprehensive research, service and training in HTM/ HTA through multi-disciplinary research programme thereby improving use of HT within South Africa and outside its borders.


  1. To bring together the research and clinical expertise of Centre members investigating a wide range of HT within South Africa
  2. To provide top quality integrated facilities for HT research.
  3. To set-up an information centre for data-mining and training of health professionals and patients
  4. To set up best practices in teaching and research in the context of HTM/ HTA and expedite the translation of research findings into clinical practice by:
    • Providing patients with comprehensive multi-disciplinary services.
    • Offering outstanding training and career opportunities for scientists, doctors, nurses and other professional staff.
  5. To create synergy and opportunities for cross-fertilisation of ideas, thereby encouraging academic, Department of Health and private health care providers.