wreweThe CMeRC- Clinical Epidemiology Unit is focused on the promotion of evidence based health care in clinical practice. The Unit is recognized by the International Clinical Epidemiology Network as a Clinical Epidemiology Research and Training Centre and is a member of INCLEN-Africa.

Clinical epidemiology focuses on the application of the science of epidemiology in a clinical setting. Emphasis is on a medically defined population, as opposed to statistically formulated disease trends derived from examination of larger population categories.


To promote an interdisciplinary and scientific environment in clinical practice that fosters excellence in acquiring, production, communication and implementation of knowledge for improvement of health of its patients in a most efficient and creative way


To improve the effectiveness and efficiency of health care by providing innovative evidence-based information to health professionals, patients, policy makers, and the public.


  • To promote the principles and practice of evidence-based health care through knowledge translation research and educational offerings;
  • To influence how health-care decisions are made through research and service in health information and knowledge transfer;
  • To develop and apply methods to evaluate the costs, risks, benefits and utility of specific health interventions and of alternative allocations of health resources;
  • To analyse and evaluate the effectiveness, efficiency and equity of systems of organization, governance, financing, funding, and delivery of health services;
  • To bridge the gap between health and social sciences to better understand and apply health services management, health policy and health economics;
  • To fosters a culture of consultation, collaboration and collegiality.


International Clinical Epidemiology Network