Charlotte Maxeke Medical Research Cluster

Charlotte Maxeke Medical Research Cluster


The CMeRC team considers training a vital part of their program to build capacities in Health Technology Assessment. The purpose of the training will be to familiarize the HTA “users” and HTA “doers” – the stakeholders in health-care decision making, in the scientific intricacies of health technology and evidence-based decision making, the assessment of the said technologies and its management.

Regular Workshops on health technology assessment and management are conducted at SAHTAS Conferences

Introductory course on Health Technology Assessment

The CMeRC had developed introductory HTA course for hospital managers in 2010. The purpose of this course is to introduce students to basic principles and practice of Health Technology Management (HTM) and the role of Health Technology Assessment (HTA). By the end of the course participants should be able to define HTM, its perspectives and dimensions in the context of health care and in particular within the hospital setting; Demonstrate an understanding of the requirements for a proper HTM framework and the organisational setup needed to implement it; and Understand the planning, budgeting, procuring and commissioning of Health Technology.

CMeRC is planning to start a one year Fellowship Program in collaboration with ASERNIP-S in 2016/17.

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Pre-conference workshop at the Southern African regional conference in HTA

CMeRC in collaboration with SAHTAS, conducts regular Workshops on health technology assessment and management at SAHTAS Conferences. Please visit SAHTAS website for future courses