Charlotte Maxeke Medical Research Cluster

Charlotte Maxeke Medical Research Cluster


Methodology & Guidelines


  • Mini-HTA (ongoing)
  • Mapping HTA (ongoing)
  • Government Priorities

The CMeRC has commissioned following projects in line with the priority areas of the South African Department of Health:

  • Non-Communicable Diseases such as diabetes
  • Communicable Diseases such as TB
  • Maternal and child health

*these reports will be uploaded soon



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Suggested readings

HTA reports (free database access)

HTA Methodology and Guidelines

  • A report developed under the work of EU Working Group4, addressing the best practices in undertaking and reporting health technology assessments Best practice in undertaking and reporting HTA
  • Using INAHTA Checklist can help to maintain a consistent and transparent approach to HTA. Please note that a report may be valid and beneficial to the local context without meeting all the criteria listed in the checklist. HTA checklist – INAHTA
  • A collaborative project that builds and supports the Evidence-Informed Policy Network EVIPNet in Africa and Regional East African Community Health (REACH) is Supporting the Use of Research Evidence (SURE) set of resources for preparing rapid responses to policymakers in need of research evidence
  • Mini-HTA tool developed by the Danish Center of Evaluation and Health Technology Assessment
  • WHO-CHOICE CHoosing Internventions that are cost-effective.
  • Generalized cost-effectiveness analysis for national-level priority setting in the health sector.
  • EUnetHTA HTA Adaptation Toolkit. Adaptation toolkit of HTA reports was developed by a partnership of HTA agencies and network across Europe (EUnetHTA work package 5) is applicable only to those reports that are a synthesis of evidence.
  • Case study using the adaptation toolkit applicable to PET and Hodgkin’s disease